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Below is a real-time overview of our servers where you can check if there's any known issues.

Server Name HTTP FTP POP3 PHP Info Server Load Uptime
Nest PHP Info
Server Patch (Resolved) Medium

Affecting Server - Nest

  • 01/02/2021 10:30 - 08/02/2024 20:21
  • Last Updated 29/01/2021 20:13

We're installing patches on your server. Between 01 February 2021 10:30:00 GMT and 01 February 2021 18:30:00 GMT, you may experience up to 30 minutes of intermittent interruption to your hosting services while we install the patches.

After the patches are installed, we'll reboot the host server and you'll be up and running.

Domain Issue (Resolved) Medium

Affecting Other - Domain

  • 17/06/2012 05:36 - 17/06/2012 05:39
  • Last Updated 17/06/2012 05:37

The domain is currently experiencing problems resolving we expect to have this sorted soon and apologise for any problems this may cause.

Server Move (Resolved) Medium
  • 04/06/2012 00:00 - 16/06/2012 04:40
  • Last Updated 04/06/2012 19:13

We are currently in the process of moving the servers to a new host we should not experience any downtime during this move.

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