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Can i make a review/testimonial for DuckHost? Yes if you wish to make a testimonial for us you can do one of the following options you can edit... Did you email me? Any emails sent by DuckHost will be sent via the DuckHost billing system by Do you allow SHH Access? For security reasons we do not provide SSH Access with our shared hosting accounts. We will not... Do you have a phone number? DuckHost's office numbers are as follows; United Kingdom: 01414 161587This is our Glasgow... Do you offer backups? A backup service is not currently in place by DucKHost. As such it is the clients responsibility... Do you provide support in other languages? Where possible we will try to accomodate other languages. However, it is not always possible to... Do you use social networking? Yes!DuckHost uses the following Social Networking websites and our profiles can be accessed at... How can i check your uptime? We are on Web Hosting Stuff which monitors the uptime of our main server the results of this are... Is this letter really from you? Occasionally DuckHost may send you a letter or even a card at Christmas. We do occasionally... Terms Of Service Here at DuckHost we have decided to write our Terms Of Service in a way which will make it easier... What are your office hours? DuckHost's Office Team currently work between the following hours: Monday09:00 - 20:00... Where is your server located? All our servers are currently located in the United Kingdom. Will you place adverts on my site? Absolutely not. We will never edit your website in any way, shape or form. Your site is your...
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