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Can i have a dedicated IP? Can i get a dedicated IP Address? Yes! We currently offer domain names for £23 a year Can i... Can i have multiple domains on one site? It is possible to have multiple domains all on the one site using either Parked Domains Addon... Do you allow SSL certificates? DuckHost does allow the use of SSL Certificates. However, You should note that to use your own... Do you support ASP & MS databases? As we currently have a Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP system in place. ASP.NET, Access Databases... How can i access cPanel? Your site is accessible through the following: If your Name Servers are not yet pointing to... How do i remove the landing page? To remove the default landing page we have set you must follow these steps Login to cpanel... I only see a list of files? If you load your website ( and all you see is a list of files this is because... Is my hosting down? If you cannot access your website via the direct link or using the ip address on... Is register_globals enabled? register_globals is not enabled. You should do your best to write your scripts so that they do... Is there a cPanel manual? Yes, For the official cpanel manual with everything there is to know about using your new control... What are your setup times? Orders are usually setup imediately after the first payment except for: Student Hosting When... What is Fantastico? Fantastico allows you to install scripts with only a few clicks Blogs b2evolution Nucleus... What is the maximum http upload size? The maximum file size the system will allow you to upload through a webpage is 10M. This will... What is the maximum time my script can take to run? If your script is still trying to execute after 30 seconds the server will stop the execution. Where do i upload my website? To have your files visible on the web you need to store them in the public_html folder you can... Which control panel does DuckHost use? DuckHost currently uses cPanel for all of our shared hosting accounts.
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